Sound and Sight, LLC president Andrew Turpening has performed hundreds of concerts with a variety of artists. Please enjoy the concert videos below from the past several years of Andrew's performing career . . .

In May of 2018, Andrew recorded this improvised percussion solo on a set of large metal pipes called a gamelan. For more information about this session, please click on 'Projects' above and click on the 'Didge-i-Drum' page.

Andrew has performed percussion with many salsa legends from Latin America. In the two videos below, he performs with Puerto Rican singers Edgar Joel and Willie Gonzalez. Andrew plays timbales in these videos, one of his principal instruments, which was made popular in the mid-20th Century by percussionist/composer Tito Puente.

In 2015, Andrew was interviewed by Karen Sunderman, whose program The Playlist features artists of northern Minnesota (Andrew was living in Duluth at the time of this interview). Andrew discusses his creative process, his study of music harmony and Cuban percussion, and writing music for the debut album of his band enTraance.