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Below are articles about Sound and Sight, LLC and its president Andrew Turpening . . .

In October of 2019, Andrew was interviewed by a newspaper in Fergus Falls, MN about his compositional style and artistic plans. Andrew was in Fergus Falls for a two-week residency to compose the second album of his band, enTraance.

Fergus Falls article 1.jpg
Fergus Falls article 2.jpg
Fergus Falls article 3.jpg

In 2010, Andrew partnered with Minnesota dancer and choreographer Juliana Bertelsen to create 'Drums! Dance! Duluth!', an exploration of dance and drumming from Latin America. They performed three sold out shows at Duluth's Teatro Zuccone in August of 2010. The Duluth News Tribune promoted the show and wrote a review; both articles are below.

Duluth Tribune promo for 'Drums! Dance!
Duluth News Tribune review of Drums! Dan

In the spring of 2014, enTraance was preparing to perform its debut concert. The Duluth News Tribune wrote an article about Andrew, his plans for enTraance, and his artistic focus and influences.

Article about 2014 enTraance debut show!

In 2015, Andrew was awarded a grant by Minnesota' Arrowhead Regional Arts Council (ARAC) to give Cuban percussion performances, and to teach Cuban percussion, dance, and history, in events throughout Duluth. Duluth News Tribune promoted one of these events.

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