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Sound and Sight, LLC is a very sophisticated music, photo and video studio that is laptop-based and portable. Many of the albums that Sound and Sight have produced were recorded and mixed at the client's home or a rented home; Andrew can typically carry most of the equipment in one trip. Andrew is also able to record and mix songs in his home studio.

    Studio Equipment

    - ProTools 2018

    - 2018 Apple MacBook Pro

    - Audient id44 interface

    - Genelec 1040As main speakers, Tannoy subwoofer, Yamaha HS 50s secondary speakers

    - Sennheiser HD 600 and HD 280 headphones

    - Neumann TLM103 microphones (2) and RODE NT4 (stereo mic)

    - Great River preamplifier and EQ external rack units (dual channel on both)

    - Mogami cables


    Musical Instruments

    - Yamaha drum set with Zildjian cymbals and Rock-A-Soc throne

    - Yamaha CP33 full size weighted keyboard

    - LP timbales (2 sets)

    - Hector Rocha bongos (handmade in Cali, Colombia)

    - LP classic congas (a set of 3)

    - Meinl cajón

    - Selection of cowbells from LP and JCR

    - Selection of handmade claves from Havana, Cuba

    - Handmade djembe from Western Africa

    - Brazilian tamborim and shakers

    - and many more . . .



    - Waves API and V-Series bundle, Classic Compressors, Native Power Pack, Bass

       Fingers, Grand Rhapsody Piano, J37 Tape, Abbey Road Studio 3

    - Slate Virtual Bus Compressors, Virtual Console, Virtual Mix Rack

    - Cytomic ‘The Glue’ bus compressor

    - Trilian Bass by Spectrasonics

    - Ivory II pianos

    - Addictive Drums 2

    - Sound Toys Native effects bundle

    - Avid ProTools Xpand

    - and many more . . . 

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