Didge-i-Drum  Debut

Sound and Sight, LLC president Andrew Turpening engineered, mixed, mastered, and played percussion on the debut album of Didge-i-Drum, a collaboration with his good friend and didgeridoo player Jason Erickson. The album was recorded at The TANK Center for Sonic Arts in Rangely, Colorado. The TANK is a fascinating recording studio which was designed as Rangely's water tower but never used; eventually, musicians in the town realized its amazing sonic qualities (it boasts a 40-second natural reverb, making it one of the most reverberant recording spaces in the world) and converted it into a fully functional music studio. For more information about The TANK, please visit www.tanksounds.org.

Please listen to the debut album below and enjoy video and pictures from the project!

Didgeridoo, heel and finger snap percussion, voice
Solo Digeridoo
Didgeridoo, voice, assorted percussion
Solo Didgeridoo p.2
Gamelan, didgeridoo
Gamelan, didgeridoo, voice